Photo of the day


Weekend Brunch

My best friends and I started this “new tradition” to meet up every Saturday to explore the city of LA. Today was to visit a.o.c. restaurant in Los Angeles and it was DELICIOUS! Along with great food with a side of laughter is the perfect recipe for a great weekend. 

Pregnancy Fashion

While you get all the good compliments and attention you need while being 6 months pregnant, it hasn’t been that easy for me to find a decent pregnancy style. My options are limited to maxi dress, long cami-shirt, cardigans, and maternity jeans to accommodate your comfort level. That being the case, I’ve been relying heavily on Hollywood mom’s fashion on various gossip sites as well as online magazine. Here’s one I found online that consolidates all the good prego fashion.
How to look good during pregnant, here. My personal top two are Sienna Miller and Gisele Bundchen.